Turn your living space into an instant coffee shop any time you want with our monthly delivery. Relax and smell the coffee, share with your friends, or give it as a gift to a coffee lovin' special someone!


What's Inside the Box?

One Coffee Soy Candle

We have a great selection of unique coffee scented candles. Each candle burns for 50+ hours.

 One Soy Melt

Same unique coffee scents plus they come with whole coffee beans inside.

One Room Spray

Perfect for neutralizing odors and getting an instant coffee smell whenever you need one.  

Plus, every box gets a SURPRISE gift!

"I have a coffee addiction, so smelling these awesome fragrances makes my coffee taste better."

Emma R.

"I love the scent of my purchases. They are phenomenal."

Jennifer J.

"They are amazing, truly the best room spray ever. If you love the smell of coffee this is spot on." 

Brenda N.

Join the Club

And smell the coffee... 


How often will I get this box?

Every month. All shipments are sent via USPS on the 20th. Subscribe by the 20th of the month to get that month's box.

What scents?

Each box will have a mix of coffee scents. We have new ones coming out all the time and your box will always have the latest scent inside. We pick the scents each month.

What's in the box?

One 8 oz. soy candle, one wax melt, one room spray and a surprise gift comes inside each box!