It's all about the coffee smells.

A little about us....

The makings of The Scented Bean


The Scented Bean coffee soy candle company was created by husband and wife team - Jason and Lisa Stoops.

In 2007, Jason was looking for a way to make extra money when his wife Lisa suggested he make candles. After some thought and research, he got busy.

Turns out he had a knack for this craft. He started letting people know what he did in his spare time and family and friends wanted to try them out. They were a hit.

After several years and many scent changes, Jason thought about his love for coffee and envisioned a coffee candle with a coffee sleeve.

The coffee candles were an even bigger hit than any other candle made up to this point. Success meant they were able to get the operation out of their house and hire help. 

This subscription box is just a natural next step to provide our growing customer base a convenient way to access our newest scents.